General Questions

Consultation Types


Text Only

When To Use

You want to talk to an online doctor

Your system supports requirements (see below)

You want to consult ‘a specific doctor’ who is not online now

You are OK waiting for up to 24 hours for a response

You can provide sufficient data (history, photos etc.) for advice

How to Select

Click on ‘Video’ button on ‘Select Doctor’ page

Click on ‘Text’ button on ‘Select Doctor’ page

Follow Up Pricing

Varies with doctor and specialty



Ensure your medical data is in place (lab reports, body temperature etc.) before sending consultation request to the doctor.

Ensure comprehensive data for better opinion (e.g. history, lab reports, images etc.)

Uploading Lab Reports and Follow-On Diagnostics

Corporate Programs

Technical Questions

Clinical Questions

Follow Ups

Payments and Refunds