Health ID & Registration

Generate an ABHA ID for the patient and print their card, or directly register them by scanning or entering their ABHA ID. All this in less than 60 seconds.


Custom Interfaces & Defaults

Based on the Facility Type the system will automatically create custom user roles, navigation and forms. The system also provides default Order Sets and Drug Masters for optimum efficiency.

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Connected devices that covers 15 parameters including HbA1c, TSH, ECG and Lipids for primary screening of population or capturing vitals at the facility.

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Data Sharing & eReferrals

Facilities under same Government programs can share patient data among them to ensure optimum care. Health Providers can also share patient health information with consent (FHIR eReferral)

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Auto Tagging with Standards Module

Natural Language Processing to tag free text care plans generated by Health Providers with ICD 10, SNoMED and LOINC standards.

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Simplified Clinic Management

Streamlined Appointment Management

Reduce no-shows with automatic patient appointment reminders and keep track of the queue from the comforts of your cabin.

Pharmacy Management

Manage inventory, auto generate purchase orders and fulfil the patient orders without any need for data entry.

Multi-Role Interface

Separate user credentials for co-practicing doctors and assistants. You can even control / limit access and edit rights, if needed.

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